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Independent day message to President, Dr. George M. Weah and the Peace Loving people of Liberia

Theme: Citizens Bureau for Development and Productivity/ Liberia National Police



As we near the celebration of Liberia’s 171 years old since independence, we would like to make known that, a truly independent nation must demonstrate and promote Love, justice and peace to ensure the safety and happiness for its people. It requires seeking the welfare of all Liberian people irrespective of background, gender, age or station in life. As people of one nation and one destiny, sustaining the hard earn peace, in the absence of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), must require the collective efforts and good will of all Liberians in the country and abroad, not leaving it to the Government alone.


Currently, majority of the people are finding it difficult as they battle hardship daily, given high level of unemployment and the difficult economic situations across the country. To the extent, that price of goods and services has escalated and exchange rate skyrocket. We want to call on Liberians to share with one another doing this period of difficulty. When you look around as a Liberian, there is someone out there you could be an assistance to, do not hesitate to doing good to that person and you will be contributing toward the happiness of a fellow citizen, especially on Independence day. This is how, amongst other things, we do not leave it with the government alone, by showing love to one another continuously we will be contributing to the well-being and happiness of others.


Meanwhile, we see the gesture of the president to infuse US$25, 000,000 (Twenty-five Million United States Dollars ) into the Liberian economy as welcoming. No matter how infinitesimal/small it may appear it is a step intended for the short run and need to be appreciated. By so doing, with time it is hoped that the triggers responsible for the high cost of living are identified and addressed in the soonest time possible to ease the economic burden being experienced by Liberians.


That said, we would like to emphasize to all Liberians during this independence day celebration that, peace remains cardinal to the forward march of our nation, therefore, let us continue to cherish our hard earn peace by maturely handling the use of the right to freedom of expressions. Words are so powerful that, when use properly it promotes accountability, unity and development which we should all care about as oppose to negative use of words which could promote chaos.


As we have peacefully transitioned, from one democratically elected President to another, it implies that despite our differences we can coexist without resulting to violence. Let us continue on this path in moving forward so as to prevent violent conflict and embrace the culture to resolve conflict peacefully through dialogue.


That said, the Citizens Bureau for Development and Productivity a Liberian Civil Society Organization, is calling on the government to do the following:


1. Revisit the usage of dual currency and prioritized what is most appropriate in term of a single currency, to curb the level of high exchange rate of the Liberian dollars to the United States dollars so as to deal with the current issue of inflation.


2. Take appropriate steps to encourage private sector investment and entrepreneurship by providing subsidy to farmers and businesses aim at increasing productive capacity and to promote employment opportunities, especially amongst the youthful and vulnerable population.


3. Encourage agricultural productivity by reducing tariffs on agricultural tools and products, and take action for mass agricultural engagement, through ensuring that government officials both at the legislature and cabinet positions, amongst others, get involve into farming activities with focus on producing Liberian stable diet (rice) and other cash crops, etc to add value to the Liberian currency.



John Kamma
Executive Director



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