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No to electoral violence now and in the future!

For deterrence we want perpetrators identified and prosecuted in District 15 electoral violence

We detest in the strongest term the electoral violence in district #15. The Liberian people following the unfortunate situation had been speaking in disapproval of the barbaric incident. This speaks to the fact that the bulk of Liberians are totally not in support of violence as they have learned enough from past experienced. As such, we would not encourage the few hands full of people bent on creating havoc for the rest of our peaceful law abiding tax payer who deserve to live without fear and intimidation. Neither should they live with uncertainty about what the future will look like in terms of repetition of what had happened.

We cannot accept a culture of violence as a people. We must hold those in power accountable by calling for the right things to be done. The laws exist to regulate behavior and we must promote a culture that regards the rule of law as supreme over individuals. Without the rule of law, disorderliness is what becomes of society. We cannot therefore, abandon, the majority that choose to live in decency over the few disgruntled elements.

Why is it that politicians for whom violence sometimes take place will meet, sit and exchange thoughts without fighting one another as opposed to their supporters? Something must be wrong here! We the members and supporters of the Citizens Bureau for Development and Productivity in Liberia is of the view that perpetrators of the violence in district #15 be identified and prosecuted so as to serve as deterrent in future elections and to rather channel grievances in a non violence posture as enshrine in the organic law of the land.

We are concerned very much about the identification and prosecution of perpetrators as it is keen to build people confidence that the government of President Dr. George M. Weah is capable to hold wrong doers to account and to deter future elections violence within the Republic of Liberia.

Good governance matter for growth and development. Therefore, we at the Citizen Bureau feel obligated and got to hold accountable those in power. For that reason, when violence takes place responsibly we express condemnations and called on government for the right things to be done. Should the government not do what is obligated relative to district #15 and electoral violence then a bad precedence is being set.

We also want to call on justice and peace actors and organizations working on these issues to ensure government accountability by calling for the identification and bringing to book instigators and doers of the violence who with gross disrespect to the rule of law choose to take the laws into their own hands for their selfish ambition and the gullibility of who be perpetrators.

Against this backdrop, we are calling for perpetrators to be booked and prosecuted as necessary to deter electoral violence, especially so when the entire nation is gradually approaching the 20-20 Senatorial elections to take place across all fifteen counties. For this we urged perpetrators are identified and prosecuted. On the contrary it’s sad!!

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